Wednesday, 9 October 2013

online scamming freaks something to watch out for

Here is something you need to watch out for and not be tempted to try out for yourself.. get paid to do websites.. or really any website that offers you a free way to earn money. Honestly if you think that completing some surveys will earn you money and putting your trust in these websites to actually pay you then you are hugely mistaken. These website are scams and you should not even try to waste your time slaving away making them money... when at the end of the day you account will be simply banned and your time wasted. Get paid to do... clicking adverts for pennies, doing surveys and offers to make money.. shortening urls and earning through visitors...... are all scams.. and dont be fooled by forum people telling you that they earned through them, they are all lies and the same person promoting the scam because they are part of the scam. Save your time and money... yes times are hard at the moment economically but "NOT" earning pennies through slave labor isn't the answer...... Set up your own blog with ad sense on and earn money that way if you really wanna make some cash online..... Remember you cant get something for nothing especially not on the internet (full of scammers and frauds who are evil!) Oh well these folks will all rot in heel at the end of the day!